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Jacqueline B. Dixon
Attorney at Law
A member of the law firm Weatherly, McNally & Dixon PLC
Family Law, Probate, Personal Injury & Mediation
In Middle Tennessee

More Than 30 Years Of Experience

For more than 30 years, I have been helping people resolve their issues, settle disputes, recover justice and protect their families. I help people in Nashville, Tennessee, and throughout the surrounding areas with legal issues, including family law, probate and personal injury.

I serve as a mediator as well as an attorney, and I am active in many professional organizations, including the Tennessee Bar Association, for which I have served as president.

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Family Law

Divorce, child custody, child support and other issues involving family disputes can be emotionally difficult and technically complicated. It is crucial that you seek out skilled help when resolving these issues so that you can protect your children and your finances, and have the resources you need as you move forward into the next stage in your life.

I help people reach better results in property division, parenting plans and many other issues in family law. My background in mediation gives me insight into ways to negotiate these emotionally charged issues without making them harder than they need to be, and my years of experience give me the tools I need to argue effectively in court, if that is the way to reach the best result for my clients.

Probate Law

I help executors, personal assistants, heirs and other clients with a wide range of issues in probate law, including estate administration, will contests and other litigation. I also help protect vulnerable adults through conservatorship, an issue which is overseen by probate courts. To learn more, see my Probate page.

Personal Injury

I have experience representing accident victims in personal injury cases.

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If you need an experienced lawyer for help with divorce, child custody, probate, personal injury claims or more, call Jacqueline B. Dixon, Attorney at Law, today at 615-270-1387. You can also reach me by email.